Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful during the holidays. Family may be arriving from out of town, there will be parties, concerts, and events, and New Year’s Eve is the ideal excuse for a makeover. It is a busy time for salons, so take advantage of a captive audience and begin Marketing your Salon early in the season. This will not only increase business for the last quarter, it will encourage customers to return throughout the upcoming year.

Open House

Begin with an open house in the first two weeks of November. Review holiday specials, take appointments, and show off the decorated space. This early in the season, people will be available to stop by and see what the salon has to offer. Include refreshments, have as many regular staff there as possible, and answer any questions from potential customers. Advertise well in advance and make it a fun evening.


Garland, lights, fake snow on the windows and around the station mirrors, as well as bells on the entrance door are a great start. Consider placing a Christmas tree on the front lawn. Set aside a corner for customers to take selfies or pictures on their phones of their new looks. They will post those to social media pages and boost the business exposure. Be sure the name of salon, such as BDC Salon, is visible.

Try scenting with oils of pine, apple cider, gingerbread cookies, or falling snow. Play seasonal music in a broad range of styles and types. Mix up classics with modern carols, vocals and instrumentals, jazz and choir, and pop music with traditional music to appeal to everyone. Get creative and pick out music based on the preferences of customers scheduled on any given day.

Connect with Customers

Send out holiday cards to every customer on the email list. This will let them know you appreciate their business and remind them to make an appointment for a haircut, color, waxing, or manicure. Send out cards to the new customers as well to thank them for their business and invite them back in the new year. A ten percent off coupon that can be printed off or scanned from their phones is an extra touch that will have them picking up the phone and scheduling appointments.