Prepping for a Great 2019

Starting a business and getting it off the ground can be challenging but it can also be immensely rewarding. Today’s small business owners should know that they don’t have to go it alone, though. They can read on to find some helpful tips for new business owners that will help them get on their feet in the coming year.

Create and Follow a Goal Map
Whether you already own a business that you’re trying to grow in 2019 or you’re still in the process of trying to decide what kind of business to open, creating a goal map can be very helpful. Divide goals into annual, quarterly, and monthly categories and track progress toward completing them throughout the coming year.

Communicate with Staff
Not every new business owner in West Virginia has it in the budget to hire internal staff immediately. Those who do should make sure to find out what their priorities are, though, and consider how these line up with the company’s goals. This is one of the best tips for new business owners in 2019 available since happy, committed employees will offer more value and be more likely to have insight into ways that the company could change for the better.

Create a Customer-First Strategy
The old saying that ‘the customer is always right’ is still applicable even in 2019. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t have an accurate understanding of what it means; It doesn’t mean that customers should be able to treat an entrepreneur and his or her employees poorly and get away with it. Rather, it means that business owners should find ways to encourage brand loyalty and meet or exceed existing and new customers’ expectations.

Research Industry Trends
Business owners should devote some time to researching trends in their own industries, as well. Don’t wait until the year is already half over, either, since the organization’s goals and its plan for meeting them will likely be influenced by current industry trends. Also, remember the importance of having the flexibility for change. Today’s economy and markets are constantly changing. Not only do small business owners need to learn how to make full use of digital technologies, but they also have to keep up-to-date on international pressures affecting their markets and automation that could help their businesses. The best way to deal with these ever-increasing complexities is to face them head-on, using systems thinking to come up with new strategies and take advantage of these often intense changes.

Improve Company Culture
Business owners whose organizations have already begun to grow should take a moment to revisit their mission statements and core values. Today’s employees are looking for a company culture that prioritizes authenticity and respects the valuable role that employees play in helping businesses succeed. If they don’t find it at readers’ companies, they are much more likely to defect to the competition.

Review and Adjust Goals Frequently
Many small business owners spend time focusing on their organizations’ goals and their strategies for meeting them early in the year. This year, though, make a point of revisiting these goals frequently throughout the coming months. BDC SALON SUiTES is such a business that took advantage of the business tips described throughout this article. We would love to get to know you, so feel free to contact us to set up an appointment with one of our suite owners today!

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