And Why BDC is the Perfect Opportunity to Run Your Business!

Now is a good time to be getting into the beauty services industry given that economists report it is growing at around 8.5% each year. Not everyone will be ready to jump in head first and start a business from scratch, though. That’s part of why salon suites are becoming so popular.

What Are Salon Suites?
Salon suites are like franchises for beauticians. They can be rented fully equipped, so there’s no need to buy a ton of expensive equipment, and they can be designed to the renter’s tastes. Basically, salon suites offer the best of both worlds, allowing renters to own a business without the need for investing exorbitant amounts of money in start-up costs.

Who Uses Salon Suites?
The vast majority of those who wind up renting a salon suite work in the beauty industry. Some renters are cosmetologists, while others are nail technicians, makeup artists, or barbers. Even massage therapists often decide to rent salon suites so that they can start enjoying the benefits of business ownership.

What Are the Benefits?
It is much less expensive to rent a salon suite in order to get a new business off the ground than it is to invest in a full salon. These property rentals typically come with almost everything renters will need to get their new businesses off the ground and start taking new clients.

Those who are making the switch from working on commission often see an immediate change in their income since they no longer have to give up almost half of what they make. Plus, every stylist who opts for salon suite rentals can expect a level of freedom that can’t be found either renting a booth or running a full-scale salon.

What’s Required to Get Started?
For those who choose to rent salon suites will technically be starting up their own businesses, there are a few practical matters they’ll need to handle before they can move in. Those operating out of BDC Salon Suites in Charleston, West Virginia will have to obtain a tax license and a salon license in addition to taking out both a general and a liability insurance policy.

Some rental companies, such as BDC Salon Suites, offer their renters help with this startup process. For first-time business owners, access to information and professional assistance can really simplify the process of applying for licenses, filing trade name registrations, and registering salons.

What About Marketing?
Since beauty industry professionals who choose to rent salon suites are taking the plunge into business ownership, they’ll be responsible for finding their own clients or customers. Those who are making the switch from another salon often find that their most loyal clients are more than willing to follow them.

Otherwise, advertising for business owners who rent salon suites is just like advertising for any other business type and requires a combination of online and in-person marketing. The location also makes a huge difference, since visibility is really key to starting up a new salon successfully.

Find the Perfect Rental Today
Want to find the perfect local rental, but are unsure how to get that search started? BDC Salon Suites is the perfect place for both new and seasoned stylists, therapists, and other professionals. Located in the heart of Kanawha City, West Virginia, this property has something to offer for just about any beautician.